Welcome to Jersey Cares; Refugee Aid Group (JCRAG)   

The Jersey Cares; Refugee Aid Group (JCRAG) is a local charity which has developed in the wake of the global refugee crisis and aimed to bring together community efforts from Jersey to deliver humanitarian aid to the ‘Jungle’ Refugee camp in Calais. JCRAG is committed to assisting organizations in France and Europe to continue their operations helping refugees. Although the camp in Calais is closed, the issue of refugees’ human rights being upheld is ongoing. Organisations are currently in the process of identifying priority areas and strategies to help refugees, and JCRAG will be supporting them.

How do we achieve this?

Aid Trips

We deliver much needed aid including shelter, food, clothing, shoes and medical supplies from Jersey direct to organisations on the ground supporting refugees in need. Volunteers give their time to collect and sort donations and drive these direct to France or send to Greece.

Education and Campaigns

We are currently living in a refugee crisis unseen since the Second World War with approximately 65.3 million people now refugees, seeking asylum, or internally displaced. We provide opportunities for people to learn about the Refugee Crisis and help raise awareness of ongoing issues.

Compassion & Inclusion

We are people, like you, who simply believe that every human has the right to be treated in a fair and dignified way.