JCRAG has learnt details about the recent case of a refugee attempting to get into Jersey. Here we’d like to share a little more about Amir, his family, and why Jersey should take actions to protect him and others like him.

Amir is an asylum seeker, fleeing a repressive government in Iran where as a Kurdish political activist he is at great risk of being persecuted. Amir has a Masters degree and was a General Practitioner in Iran and is still capable of practising medicine. He has suffered from physical disabilities from early childhood, and his family is very concerned that he will not receive adequate care in La Moye Prison.

His family has attempted to contact him in prison by telephone, but have been denied. The family would like the cooperation of Jersey to provide staff looking after Amir with photographs of his disability as well as a phone card to make some phone calls. Amir speaks little English, and should not be denied phone calls from his family.

Also, arrested and subsequently bailed were Amir’s brother and his wife. They have three small children and have resided in the UK for over 10 years, with his brother working in IT. These are desperate people attempting to save their brother, firstly from an oppressive regime in Iran, and secondly from ‘The Jungle’ in Calais, a place of total squalor coupled with further oppression from the French authorities.

JCRAG is urging the Jersey authorities to release Amir to more suitable facilities, both for someone who is severely disabled and for someone of his status as an asylum seeker.

We also urge the Jersey authorities to allow phone calls from his family, and to seek an adequate interpreter to explain the conditions of his current detention.

We urge the Jersey authorities to send Amir to the UK where he would receive the appropriate treatment befitting of his situation and receive a fair hearing in court.

Finally, we urge you, the general public, to write to your politicians, to ask them to put asylum and the refugee crisis back on the local agenda. This is a sad and desperate case, and across Europe there are countless more. Jersey cannot bury its head in the sand any longer and ignore what is going on around it.

The time for being proactive has gone, so now we must react with heart and soul to this current tragic situation and push for legislation that would assist people like Amir in a safe and legal way.

We must ensure that he and his family are given a fair hearing in the courts and that all due process is followed, something that Jersey courts are unequipped to do.

Currently, his human rights are not being maintained and we are gravely concerned about his treatment.